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Get ready to step into the hunting grounds and experience an in-depth video game where players will be able to experience the life of an animal first hand. The Hunted: Only The Strong Survive is an open-world animal survival game that immerses players into the undomesticated wilderness, allowing them to experience the challenges and the thrills of life as a wild animal.

In The Hunted: Only The Strong Survive, we like to give the player the unique feel of the environment each creature lives in to help inspire others to care for wildlife around them. With so many animals with numbers decreasing and the nature around us being so fragile, we hope to bring understanding and support to the world around us.


Experience a beautifully crafted Survival game, brought to life with animals, emotions, and a breath-taking atmosphere. You are invited to an epic experience that combines open-world mechanics with survival, stealth, fighting and much, much more!

Explore the nature

Step into a world of possibilities. The biome you live in is not the same as the one around the corner. Each of the different biomes have different ecosystems that you get to discover and live your life in.


Are you up for the challenge to explore the nature around you? From land to water and so much more.

Choose your path 

In the wild everything has a path to follow. Some are peaceful, some are dangerous. Will you walk the Carnivore path or the Herbivore path?


Carnivores have the taste for blood and the thrill of the hunt. Fight others for your food and take lives to live another day.


As an herbivores live off what the land and what the world provides them. But also need to keep their guard up, there might be a carnivore around the corner.

Stay alive

To live or die that is the challenge for daily survival. How you live and adapt to everything is crucial to the way of life and how easy it is for you to stay alive. With each step you take you can affect not only your life but the others around you to a life or death situation.


So with your life in your own hands, what will you decide? Fight for your life and stay alive in this world with new discoveries or give up and let others choose your fate.

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